Monday, October 27, 2008

'Comme d'Habitude' or 'My Way' by Claude Francois

How many 'native' English speaking individuals are familiar with Claude Francois, a French pop singer affectionately known as 'Clo-Clo'? He died tragically from an electrical accident in his bath at a fairly young age 30 years ago and yet he still lives in the hearts of fans from every generation. Physically, he epitomises my own personal ideal in terms of male beauty. 'Androgynous' is a term that has been much-abused, but it definitely would describe some one like Clo-Clo, who was slim, blond and had exquisite features.

Oddly enough, one of his songs has become one of the best-known popular songs throughout the world. It is not the original, entitled 'Comme d'Habitude' that is known and sung still internationally, but the English version of the song, entitled 'My Way'. This song was made most famous by Frank Sinatra, a man I never liked at all. Give me Clo-Clo any day!

'Comme d'Habitude' by Claude Francois

The original French lyrics are quite different from the English version. In fact, the song is very Gallic, about a man who lives with a frigid woman but carries on living 'comme d'Habitude', pretending happiness where there is none... pretending and pretending, 'putting a good face on it' as it were.

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