Monday, June 25, 2007

Billy Idol: 'White Wedding' and 'Rebel Yell'

This song still can send shivers up my spine...

'White Wedding'

'There is nothing fair in this world,
There is nothing safe in this world;
And there's nothing sure in this world,
And there's nothing pure in this world,
Look for something left in this world,
Start again,

Come on,
It's a nice day for a white wedding.
It's a nice day to start again.'

'Rebel Yell'

'Hot in the City'

'Don't Need a Gun'

'...Of what a story dreams to buy,
Don't need a knife to violate my life.
It's all so insane:

When the other man has none
You don't need a gun;
Yes a Russian roulette no fun,
I don't need a gun.
I just need someone
I don't need a gun.

Blood red lights a domination street, yeah.
Just need your love and I feel that heat, yeah.
You can drive me through
That red stop light
With a whiplash smile'

'Wasteland' from the Cyberpunk album

'Adam in Chains'
'They've broken your heart,
Ah yeah, they're gonna tear your world apart.
Why make up a lie
And believe it's true?
Ah, tear it all apart:
I know the shape of things to come.
Why this now, girl?
Will we murder each other?

Like Adam in chains
I want revenge...'

'Cradle of Love'

The song is decent enough but I am including it for the video. It is both clever and amusing... Billy Idol always did know how to put together a great music video.

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